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Shortcrust Dough for Cookies

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I run an upscale business with emphasis on handcrafted art on cookie.

I used a regular shortcrust dough ingredients wiht a 50 part a part with flour ( butter, sugar, eggs then flour mixed in turn)

The final result is a 1.2 kg of hard dough , that needs to be thinned down to 2 mm - for which I manually roll open between 2 wax sheets. cut the shapes,  collect the scraps , reroll , then again. it takes hours !

Result is different shapes that come out with uneven thickness & recollecting the scraps therefore; uneven surface.

Do I have another choice besides a laminating machine to roll the shortcrust ?

Any other ideas ?

Thanks a buntch


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Are you using a tried and true recipe, one you have made before?

Is it written for cookies, specifically?

If answer is yes, then shape the dough into a few disks, cover with cling wrap before you chill it.

That alone will give you a head start on the rolling.

If it is still too clumsy, then allow it to sit a bit on the counter to soften before rolling.


If you have never used this recipe, then it may be just a bad one and you need another.



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THank you mimi

the core issue is once hard , it is difficult to roll in even thickness

I am thinking if a laminating sheeter machine, the one of the croissant ,

or I am not sure

yes this is s a trur recepie & quite a good one at it too.

thanks for the advice

please share some more


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Is this hard to roll thing a new problem?

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