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Hello! My name's Andy Parades, & I'm really interested in becoming a chef. I feel like I love to bake - I've been passionate about it since pre-school - but I'm not sure how to really make a life journey out of it. Im 17 years old & want to see if it's a career suitable for me. I plan on learning how to cook a variety of dishes, not just pastry. I'm wondering if any chefs out there had felt this way as well when they first dived into this art. Also, if you've had some sort of success, is there any advice that you'd like to offer? Thanks in advance for any replies. Happy holidays smile.gif
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Im pretty sure I started this thread in the wrong forum. Im not sure how to delete it, though. My apologies tongue.gif
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Become a kitchen-hand, but let the chef know you have serious thoughts on becoming a chef.
It will give you very good insight on how a kitchen works, the pace you will need to work at, and it can give you a bit of an upper hand on basics to learn.
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