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I have a client who paid for a event that was only days away.I sent him invoice to look over and he did not sign but paid full amount.This invoice did not have any policy ,2 days before event he wants to cancel.Can I keep 50% of amount because its now to late to find somebody else?

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You're a pro caterer and you work without a contract? The only time I do that is when its family or a close friend, even then I make cancellation policies known.

Did you give him anything showing payment, date etc.  like a receipt? 

And did you actually purchase anything toward his gig?

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I do have contracts but this was a small gig and it was a last minute kinda of thing. It was a quote form.They did get a receipt.There was not enough time.However just wanted to know if anybody new the legal side to this question, if it does not say non refundable can it still fly.Being so short on time when he canceled that does not give cater enough time to find somebody else.

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