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Peanut Butter Balls

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Hi All! I am making peanut butter balls for my co workers this year for the holidays. Typically I make the peanut butter balls with butter, peanut butter and confectioner sugar. I was going to coat them in chocolate, when I realized I usually do that in chocolate chips and paraffin wax. Since I am now pregnant, I thought paraffin wax probably isn't the best thing to use to thin out the chocolate. (let alone be healthy for the baby.) As I kept reading online apparently paraffin wax isnt good for you anyway...some sites say it causes cancer? Anyway some sites had suggestions to add shorting to the chocolate. I am wondering if this would help harden the chocolate? It doesn't seem like it would...does anyone have any other suggestions for a chocolate that would be thin and easy to coat the PB balls and would harden?



Thanks so much!!

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Aside from tempering chocolate to coat them in, you could roll them in cocoa powder or use candy melts, which are available at craft stores and don't require tempering. 

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Whether you use chocolate chips or the candy melts ( look them up on come in some cute colors) add 2 T solid veg shortening per every 12 oz of melted dipping product.

You will probably want to pop the dipped candy balls in fridge until set, but after that they can be stored in a cool place with no danger of meltage.


Merry Christmas!



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You want a fat that turns hard at room temp, like clarified butter or coconut fat.  There is already a chocolate on the market that has the right amount of coconut fat in it called bakers chocolate or coating chocolate.

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