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Paging BDL..

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My apologies for making a thread about this.


I sent a pm(or at least it looked like I did) to BDL.  Does this site notify you if you have a pm?  Or is there a way to know for sure whether it sent?  


Just joined a few days ago and looking forward to learning some things. :)



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The receiver will get a mail. The sender will see the message moving from the outbox to the sent items, once the message is read by the recipient.
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Ah, ok.  Thanks for the reply! 

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I must add, someone may choose not to receive any mail warnings.
But you may always see whether your message has been delivered or not.
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I get a lot of knife PMs, sometimes so many they become overwhelming and one or two slip through the cracks.  I apologize for not getting back to you.


It's probably better if you ask your question on the board, for one thing you'll get help from a lot of other people; and for another, any question you have is likely shared by more than a few lurkers.   



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Ok, no problem.  Thanks for your time. :)  

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Don't keep us in suspense.  What's the question?



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Those questions are in a new thread.  Thanks!

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