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Stuffed chicken welly

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I have had this idea for a while now. But I haven't had the chance to put it together. With having some extra time over the holidays I'm thinking about making it. But want to bounce it off the CT community first for a second oppinion.

My thought is to do a stuffed chicken wellington. The chicken beening made with a homeade orange fennel sausage. The rest of the welly would be constucted thus as a traditional wellington just subbing for poultry. Serving with a white bean puree hairloom carrots and creamy dijon mustard sause. Garnished with shaved truffles.

Any thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?

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Orange fennel sausage stuffing.
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Forgive my lack of vision, but Im not understanding exactly what you are planning on doing?


Are you trying to stuff a chicken with orange fennel sausage, then cover the chicken in foie and duxelles, then bake it in puff pastry, or are you making chicken fennel sausage, caoting it in foie and duxelles and baking THAT in puff pastry?



Quite honestly both seem a bit weird to me.

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My thinking is to take a brest and stuff it with the orange fennel sausage then with foie and duxelle and wrap in puff and bake.
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Subbing out the foie for prosuito.
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i wrote a reply here but it doesnt seem to have posted.



I liike the idea and think it would be fine. But i'd probably cut a few ingredients. Theres just a lot going on here with the sausage, orange, fennell, chicken, mushroom, white bean, carrots, not to mention truffles and foie gras!


Id try and make a garnish that harnessed what is inside of the wellington. Like, if it will have a strong taste of the orange and fennell, why not make an orange suace of some kind, or braise off some fennell and saute it. if its in the summer, shave some fennell and make a salad. make a roasted fennell puree etc etc


I like to keep things to a few differant flavours so you know what you are tasting.


If i was trying this it might go something like


Chicken, manchego cheese, parma ham, duxelle- stuff cheese into chicken and wrap welly up as normal. Serve that with a chicken reduction, then just some seasonal vegetables and perhaps some nice mash or whatever is going at the markets. Simple, it all works, and you will be able to taste everything that goes into the dish.

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I used to make chicken Wellingtons by the hundreds as a banquet Chef.


Whatever you decide to stuff them with my advice would be to slightly freeze them before wrapping in pastry, or else you'll be terribly upset and swearing at yourself. Working with simply cooled stuffed chicken breasts is a real drag. Slightly freezing them works well.


I used to make or Duxelle by the gallons and pour them into roasting pans to cool. I would have the prep guys scoop the Duxelle into balls and place them on parchment line sheet pans and freeze them.

After pounding the chicken breasts and seasoning them, I'd place the frozen ball of Duxelle then fold the breast around it, line them up on sheet pans and freeze them for just a few hours until quite firm. The puff pastry squares were enlarged a bit with a rolling pin and small amount of flour. The wellingtons wrapped, egg washed and panned, oven ready covered and back in the walk-in til service.

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Some of the above sounds more like a Hybrid Chicken Cordon Bleu Wellington. tongue.gif

Some great ideas, regardless, chicken breasts are proven to be pretty forgiving,

the filing you have in mind would be flavorful and would no doubt keep the chicken

moist while cooking.

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ive had really good sucess with completely deboning a leg quarter,slow smoking to rare and stuffing with just about anything,generally grilled veges,and some feta.   roll that sucker in puff and bake off.slices great or serve up whole.   .keep the stuffing tight cause the juices are gonna be more then plentiful.   im really tired of biting into a chicken breast.   although i enjoyed reading your description i kind of got lost in its complexiety.  please dont take this as a lurker post trying to start some crap.  

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I think that sounds delicious and refined.  Duxelles and fennel go well together, as do orange and chicken.  Just some random feedback: I think I'd stick with the foie over the shutto and drop the sausage, the foie would grease it up well and go good with the shrooms and puff, otherwise use sausage and shutto - just a matter of duck or pig fat.  Could replace the fennel by deglasing the duxelles with a Nolly Pratt, Pernod, or a bit of star anise.  Could use trumpets and morels in the duxelles.  Personally not seeing the mustard sauce, especially not with truffles and foie.  Maybe a sauce supreme? Maybe a chicken stock sabayon made with the giblets, neck, and chicken liver?  Maybe a mustard sauce would work with shutto and sausage...


Have you thought of using crepine?  Might help to hold it all together.





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I don't know cerpine. What is it? I am sure your not telling me to tie a snake around my welly hahah.
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The above picture is liver (I think) on a skewer wrapped in crepine.  Crepine is part of the stomach lining of cows and pigs, it's like old school edible cookable saran wrap. It holds food together, has no real taste of its own, helps retain some fat and moisture, and is pretty easy to work with.  So, you'd put everything together, wrap it in crepine to hold it tight, then wrap it in dough.







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Crep is win, that is all
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Is crepine the same thing as caul fat?

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"Plus, this method makes you look like a complete lunatic. If you care about that sort of thing".  - Dave Arnold





"Plus, this method makes you look like a complete lunatic. If you care about that sort of thing".  - Dave Arnold


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Interesting stuff.
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Originally Posted by Twyst View Post

Is crepine the same thing as caul fat?

I think so, but then what is that sheet of fat taken from between the skin and mussels of baby cows.  I always thought that was caul fat.  Does anyone know what I am talking about?  It is fat, about  1/8 to 1/16 of an inch thick, looks like a pinkish chamois, and its used to wrap up royals and roulades tight and sealed, then you tie it like a roast.

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Caul fat is always lacy and from the inside... not sure about the other stuff.


Sounds like back fat if it were from a pig - even that is the wrong name though.



"Plus, this method makes you look like a complete lunatic. If you care about that sort of thing".  - Dave Arnold





"Plus, this method makes you look like a complete lunatic. If you care about that sort of thing".  - Dave Arnold


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basically lardo isn't it? or is that too thick?


isn't it pronounced 'crepinette'? or is crepine just another word for it?

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Hi, caul is from pig and slightly course, crepinette is from lamb and the "pink chamois" you mention is probably back fat usually taken from the loin of pork.
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awesome, thanks for the info :)

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