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Food defrosting in freezer

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We run a small tearoom which is busy in summer but very quiet at this time of year. Last year the bakery etc we had in the 'upright' freezer started defrosting in winter. We assumed it was broken and bought a new one. Today, we found that our bakery was defrosting again. Is this a common problem or is it something to do with the kitchen being cold this time of year?

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would also like to know the answer to this I was about to post a very similar question!

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How cold does your kitchen get in the winter? It's common for freezers to struggle in cold weather because the extremely low temps cause the refrigeration system's pressure to drop - but that is usually limited to temps in the 30's or below, maybe low 40's.


Otherwise, after making sure you haven't impeded the air flow in the freezer and adjusting the temperature dial down, two of the most common problems in refrigeration are faulty temp controls (aka thermostat) or a glitch in your defrost system (assuming it's auto-defrost). The latter is usually indicated by a buildup of frost at the back of the cabinet. Either way, you will probably want to consult a technician.


Hopefully, your new unit is still within its one year warranty period and you can get the repair covered! Best of luck.




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