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Hello everyone, Maybe someone can help me out there.  I am new to catering but I have been in a business for 5 years.   Just starting to branch out.  


I've been asked to cater and serve tea to 150 people ..   Do I charge just for the tea purchased which is priced per ounce for each tea selected and estimated per ounce to server 150 people.


Do I charge a flat fee.  


Or do I charge per ounce for the tea needed and an extra fee for my brewing and serving.   I am doing tea only.  


This also includes a tea tasting before the scheduled event about two months in advance.  Do I charge for the tasting... I am bring teas to the location for the committee to taste. 

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You should definatly charge for the brewing and serving. You put a lot of time into making and serving the tea.

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Thank you Lisa.   New at this business on this level.   By the way my name is also Lisa

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