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stuffed pork chops

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Need some starch and veg ideas for a bacon and smoked Gouda stuffed pork chops with a Robert sauce. I already have a garlic mashed and a whole grain mustard mashed on the menu. Any suggestions would help a lot.

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a spinach dish, creamed or steamed with garlic, something along that line, a strong veg, kale, mustard greens ...

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That sounds like a down-home yet classic dish.  What is the venue?  What is the genre of cuisine you are most after?  What kind of clientele and what price range?  Sauce Robert is classic French, but meat and cheese together (though good) is not French.  If we can zone in on what your guests expect, or what spirit of cuisine you are invoking we can come up with some good matches.


Lots of mustard, first starch that comes to mind is beignet de vent - a sort of hollow puffed hush-puppy.  It's down-homey enough yet also classic French.  That'd be different.  Veg could be something with sorrel to cut through the cheese and mustard.  Ramps...  Watercress...  Bruxelle's Sprouts cooked with Madere and glazed with glace de viand and red currant jelly served on a bed of caramelized onion and red cabbage...



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