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How does this 10" Nogent look?

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So I received my 10" Nogent gyuto in the mail finally! It actually looks pretty good from what I can tell. Especially after reading stories about other people's experiences with curved blades. That said, I wanted to make sure I was seeing this correctly. There's a very minor bend in the blade near the bolster. I'm wondering if this will affect sharpening. Should I try to bend it back or is it negligible? Here are a few pictures. They were remarkably hard to take. Sorry if the formatting is wonky. I'm on vacation so all I have is my phone.

The knife is also a little bent where the blade meets the bolster, but I think that's fairly norm from what BDL has mentioned previously and I think I can bend it back in a padded vice grip.

Again, just wanted to make sure that this is as good a version of a Nogent as I can get before I start using it. Thoughts?


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Don't correct the bend. It's won't affect performance, and you're likely to break it. It very thick there and you will need huge forces. It will break long before it will bend.
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Ok. Yea I didn't feel too comfortable trying to fix it largely for the possibility of buggering it up.

I'm less concerned about performance with such a small bend in thr blade and more concerned with sharpening especially on the concave side. Will that cause high/low spots? Especially since I'm on a King 1000 water stone with a French carbon blade. Is this suitable? I know it'll cut pretty fast, but am hoping I don't have to get an oilstone setup.

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There is no concave side as far as I know, just a more or less flat one, the left, and a more or less convex one. Verify with a ruler. A concave side is common with single bevelled Japanese blades, not with double bevelled French - or double bevelled Japanese. There is no reason for any concern about high and low spots, unless there are extreme overgrinds near to the edge which is highly unlikely.
You may sharpen with any abrasive, oil stone, waterstone, sandpaper, SiC, you name it. These blades were traditionally sharpened by guys going through the streets with their cart. So imagine.
That being said, these carbons can take some further refinement. It will considerably reduce wear. A 3k stone would be a reasonable investment, I would think.
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Actually, I have straightened out my nogent. They bend back pretty well, just dont be silly about it.

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Thanks for the response guys.

Benuser, I guess I mean a concave side due to the slight bend in the blade, not necessarily the concave side of a single bevel knife. The blade has a slight bend to the left so I'm wondering if that will affect sharpening if the place isn't dead straight?

Rdm, did you just put it in a padded vise? Or how did you straighten it? Was the bend in the blade itself or where the bolster meets the blade? I think this has both, but they're seemingly minor. I'll put it next to a ruler later tonight when I get a chance and take new pictures.

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LikeĀ Blade was bent, bolster was straight

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