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New discovery: extra-virgin rapeseed oil!

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In my never-ending quest for regional products fit to replacing imported go-to ingredients such as parmesan cheese, vinegars, dried pulses and so on, I have recently discovered local extra-virgin rapeseed oil. Beautiful stuff! Green-yellowish in colour and a very nutty flavour. Having previously thought that rapeseed oil is only suited for deep-frying or using as tractor fuel, I am now officially a convert...




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I second that. It's been kinda trendy here in Denmark for going on 5 years or so now, and I'm absolutely in love. The flavour is rich, thick, and without of the bitterness found in most olive oils. There's plenty of nuttyness in there, and I've used it as a substitute for browned butter on more than one occasion. Great for vegetarians, great for baking, great for salad dressings, just... great! Do try it in an allioli, the round, nutty flavour really compliments the sharp taste of garlic.


As a substitute for olive oil, I'm not so sure. They both provide plenty of fatty flavour, but I'd reckon the tastes are not quite interchangeable. As a stand-in, I can correct my recipies to correct the differences, but a substitute it is not.

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I've been buying it in the UK for about four or five years. I use it for salad dressings, mostly.
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Yes, it's great in dressings. Actually, I first heard about extra-virgin rapeseed oil in the UK a few years ago and have been looking for a regional supplier ever since.

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