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Seeking Chewy (Bendy!) cookies and bars

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I frequently see recipes, questions, and answers about chewy cookies and brownies - In fact, here is a thread with pretty much the same question I want answered:


Sorry - it won't let me post this as a link - but it is question 35551/what-makes-a-cookie-chewy-effects-of-ingredients-question


My problem is that most folks equate "chewy" with "soft," "moist," or even "fudgy" (in the case of brownies.)  It is very common to see the description of "soft and chewy."  So, even in reading the answers, I am still in the dark.


Since I write and alter many recipes, I would like to know more about the effects of common properties of ingredients that will make my baked goods "chewy."  I want many of my bars and cookies to bend, which is different than "soft" - in fact, the they would probably be slightly tough in the mouth - actually a bit "harder," although not "crisp."


So, if anyone could address this specific aspect of achieving "chewy," meaning "bendy," as opposed to "soft," I would be very appreciative!  Thank you very much!!!

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In cookie dough you can undercook slightly and add corn syrup to make a cookie chewy (a guesstimation but to a standard recipe using a cup of fat maybe 2-3 Tbs of corn syrup). Adding a little less will enable the cookie to avoid hardening so quickly, assuming that they weren't overbaked to begin with.


To make brownies chewier can be done the same way or by lessening the amount of egg used.

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