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Rolled beef tenderloin - Sous vide?

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Hi. I'm making a rolled beef tenderloin stuffed with leeks, mushrooms, shallots, bacon and spinach.  A few in the group I'm making it for are picky that their food be cooked to the higher side of medium, though I'd prefer such a great piece of meat cooked less.


I was planning on rolling the tenderloin the day before, then on the day of, put it in a med-low oven to get the temp where it should be, then searing it off on the grill (backwards from typical but it works well for me).


What do you think of sous vide?  I have a nice immersion circulator.  Would you think it'd turn out OK from sous vide, then seared on a grill?  I could more certainly ensure the result temp is medium so I don't have these couple folks entirely turned off.


Thanks for the advice!

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I would not sous vide a whole stuffed loin and I personally would not stuff a tenderloin.  I think eye of round would be a better choice for flaying, stuffing and rolling.  Are you going to cook your mushrooms and spinach ahead of time to get water out of them?


If I had to sous vide something like this I'd stuff, tie, slice into portion then sous vide the portions.  That way you can keep better control over doneness.  They'll still need to rest then you can caramelize the outside like steaks.


For eye of round I'd put the whole tied roast in a 450 - 500 degree oven for one hour then turn it off and walk away for . . . well that depends on how big it is.   I made a 3lb eye a while back and it was perfect medium.  I put it into a 500 degree oven for 20 minutes then turned it off and do not open that door for 2-1/2 hrs.  It should have cooled to the touch and be rested.  You can slice as you wish.  Good luck with your project.

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