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Meyer Lemon Curd

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Hey all,


Just tried out a Meyer lemon curd from Ideas in Food cookbook last night. Followed the recipe very closely, which instructs to blitz sugar, cayenne, 4 eggs, juice and zest of 4 Meyer lemons, cook in a ciculating bath at 167F for 30mins, blitz and add in cubed butter. Loooks great and tastes great except for a slightly tannic twinge. Any ideas why this would happen? Possible I just got a little bit of pith in? 


Happy holidays!

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Happy holidays Chef Boyar,


I have an almost identical recipe and have discovered how the zest is Incorporated is key.  One way is to combine juice and zest in a blender for a minute then strain out the zest before cooking.  Another way is to blanche the zest.  A third way is to keep lots of zest in sugar for about a week, then use that sugar (not the zest) in the recipe.   You can also mellow it out by cutting the lemon juice with orange juice, but  no matter what it will still have that overpowering tannic sensation if you just add zest and leave it in.



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