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A little Christmas (food) miracle.

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For a christmas party a few days ago I made little almond custards with a chocolate/graham cracker crust and port soaked cherries on top. I used almond butter and standard custard for the filling. The cherries were picked fresh this summer. I thickened them with a little cornstarch for the topping. First packed the chocolate graham cracker crust on the bottom of non-stick mini muffin tins. Just the bottom, not the sides, then poured the almond custard on top. Set the muffin tins on a half sheetpan, added enough water to come halfway up the pan and baked them.  When finished I cooled and unmolded them and topped each with single cherry and a little sauce. They came out really well and everyone loved them.

Then next day I had another party to go to. Having some custard and crust left over but didn't want to repeat the little muffins so I used a springform cheesecake pan. Same layering of crust on bottom only, with custard. Because I'm a genius, I put the springform pan directly in a water bath. After about 15-20 seconds, the bits of the crust began floating up and appearing in the top of the custard and a little plume of custard came up in the water bath. Realizing my error and with no time to do it over,  I grabbed the pan, dumped the water and baked it anyway.  30-40 minutes later, the top had risen slightly and begun to crack. Seemed firm and solid so I stopped the cooking. 

At the party I un molded it and poured cherries on top. When it came time to serve, I discovered the crust, water and custard had mixed together, baking into a very moist thick bottom layer. The top layer of custard was fine and altogether it was more like cheesecake. It was not what I had wanted to serve but there was no way to tell that it had not come out like it was intended to. Everyone loved it and several asked where I got the recipe from. 

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Wow nice!   You may have invented a new technique!

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Now that's turning lemons into lemonade!  I would also consider turning hte entire thing upside down and serve the moist crust on top with a dollop of whipped cream.  :)

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