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Recipe Multiplier

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I have been searching for a recipe multiplier and I need a little help.


First of all I am not looking for someone to tell me that if I want to double 1 cup of flour I will end up with two cups. I am wondering how to proceed with a bread recipe for one loaf of bread but you want to make five loafs. Is is as simple as multiplying everything by a factor of five?


For example if the recipe calls for two packages of yeast will I use 10 packages if I would want to multiply the loafs by a factor of five?





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For most recipes, yes, it is that simple. I've run into a very few where this wasn't the case (candy recipes, mostly), but not many. More experienced people will have a better idea of how this applies to a wider range of stuff, though.

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May I suggest switching to weight.  One cup of flour may be a little more or a little less, multiply that by five and you might be a whole cup off.  If you use weight multiplying stays accurate.  



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Thanks for the input.

I was thinking that the chemistry of yeast, for instance, will change when multiplying the recipe because it will not increase in a linear fashion.

I will start thinking in terms of weight, though.



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