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High Volume Gastro Pub

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Anyone's opinions on a dish fast and home run status. Have initial menu planned but I'd appreciate input. Also reiterate high volume and think of it as 3 workhorse atations and 1 station w flexability "mostly sauté w a grill and ovens to work with.." It's Christmas, none the less... :-p
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try to keep that menu simple to start off with. Also keep prep in mind when making menu, if you can get away with putting the same prep item on two dishes, do it. Like for example you might put gnocchi on the menu, but you put it on with a differant sauce or garnish for an entree too.

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Try to work something out that's simple and ties in with the beer your serving. Cause people are most likely there for the great beer and good food. When you put these things together people get excited. Beer battered fish? Guiness gravy or a Stew with guiness gravy? Or a amber ale vinegrette for salads?

Keep your menu simple like Patrick said. And try to do the most you can with as little ingrediants as possible. A lot of places that are doing the same thing as you get caught up in multiple page menus. Which are not only hard on your kitchen but can be confusing and overwelming for your patrons.

Simple is the best!

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