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Lurker w/Christmas gift & questions

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First of all thanks to everyone for all of the content and conversation on these forums. I learned a lot... Unfortunately now I think I'm a bit more confused than when I started.

A little background I have a set of henkles twin Signature forever. They're pretty beat up, don't seem to get very sharp, and also don't seem to keep their sharpness very long.

I was about to get a Murray Carter Santoku (For no other reason than my brother-in-law really loves the brand and I can do gravitate towards this knife in my henkles) but my in-laws just gave me a couple Shun Classics for Christmas (4" paring 8" chef)

After only using the chef knife for a short time feels very foreign in my hands not as much from accounting perspective but the rock on the blade feels very steep I guess I chopped up and down more than I should but it feels like the blade is in the wrong place every time I try to chop. I've read a lot of the commentary from BDL and others regarding Shun and I completely appreciate the insights question I have is regarding the chefs knife as it was from sur la table and I don't have the receipt.

Should I just get used to this and invest in other knives outlined on these forums? Or get something that feels good to me in the store and add to the set as taste grows?

The other question is around sharpening… Is there a sticky or FAQ around sharpening stones in this forum? Id like to get just a general approach of the best stones to buy if there is such a thing so un specific.

Thanks advance, I'm sorry if this is confusing.
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First of all I have to say thank you to to Jon at  I have to say that I've probably not received this level of service in my entire life. (not exaggerating) He's gained a life long customer. 


As for the stone question.. I think he sums it up in this video.  Basically wouldn't let me buy advanced stones until I learned on a medium stone.  I ended up getting a king 1000/6000 and committed to spend the time learning technique before wasting time finishing. 


As for the Shun.. I have to say that in contrast to Jon, Sur La Table has to have the worlds worst customer service around knives.  I must have had the 3 least educated sales people in the entire world (their most appreciated feature was the pretty bevels from the mock damascus finish


I plan to keep the Shun's and use them to understand what I do and do not like in a knife then buy more from Jon... we'll see

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SLT, is very good about most things but knives... not so much.  Because none of the knives they stock are very good, it's a better idea -- if you can afford it -- to exchange the Shuns for store credit and buy yourself new knives elsewhere. 


You seem very enthusiastic about Jon's advice on sharpening, his advice on knives is just as good, his stock is very extremely well chosen and I'm sure he can set you up with a few things which will suit you to a "T."  


If you're open to a more general discussion of what you should be looking for, this is a pretty good place to have it.



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Thanks BDL. I'm quite confident this will be a long journey. I've read hundreds of the posts on these boards and I think I'm more confused than when I stated. (French, German Japanese steel carbon ceramic single bevel double steel hone water stone cc et all) lots to learn

I also bought 3 forschners per your suggestion (10.25 bread knife, wide boning,and breaking. Hopefully with these, the shuns and the stones, and these boards, I'll learn more about about what I want and like.

I'm very open to learn. Just don't know the questions to ask yet I guess.
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