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Shell or no shell?

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I've very recently become aware of a particular asain style of cooking prawns, which involves them having their shells kept on instead of removed. is there a reason as to why this is done? I find it a bit unpractical because i think all the flavour is only on the shell, and eating the shell isnt very pleasant either. Is the flavour of the prawn really kept inside the shell through the cooking process? Or does having the shell on prevent the prawn to lose is flavour when its cooked at a high temperature, like deep frying?

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Then I take've never had a Tempura fried shrimp with it's head, antennae, and eyes starring back at you....nor have you ever enjoyed the delicate flavor the shells, tails and legs fried to a golden brown and served with a wonderful zesty Sambal Olek dipping sauce.......?


You should try it sometime...... 

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i havent had that yet =[. But i have had different meals with the head, antennae and eyes with the shell on still. Just tonight my mum cooked some prawns exactly as i described (head,shell,etc) which in turn stirred my curiosity to this method. I was wondering what the major differences were between cooking a prawn with the shell on and with the shell off. I'm still only young to the trade and haven't developed a good palate yet, so i find that determining the difference by taste is still difficult.

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