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Fist Gyuto!

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Hello there!


I'm currently looking for a new knife, but let me introduce myself first!

I'm Basti, 18 years old from Germany. I've been cooking since I was little and it's still one of my biggest hobbys. I'm especially interested in anything excotic, mainly asian, when it comes to cooking (chinese, japanese, thai, malaysian, indian etc), hence I'm usually chopping lots of vegs, meat and herbs!


For the past months I've been using either my own Santoku (cost me about 30€, its not bad but not great neither) or my Dads Shun Santoku. Now I want to get an upgrade and I'm thinking a 240mm Gyuto would be the right choice. I was at several local stores and played around with some knifes and 240mm definately feels comfortable for me.


I've looked for a knife in a few German online stores (like THIS one) but compared to the american ones the selection is quite narrow, so I don't mind importing it from America.


At first, I had a Tojiro DP Gyuto in mind, but after reading a few threads here, I thought that it's probably not the best choice for me, plus I'm not really a big fan of the plain look, if I pay that much money for a knife, I want one that I really like since I'm going to use it for the next several years if not the rest of my life!


After lurking around here, I found that the Richmond Addict 2 Gyuto would be a good choice! It has the right lengh, a big heel and it seems to be the perfect workhorse for my needs. Furthermore, it's the first knife that really like in all aspects in several days of searching around!


To give you some more information about me: I know how to properly cut and I'm currently learning to sharpen knifes with waterstones and I'm getting pretty good results so far! (I can shave my arm with my Opinel pocket knife I sharpened).


I still have a few questions though:


- Does anyone know when Addict 2 will be available again?

- What waterstones would be fitting to sharpen it?

- Can I use a horning rod on it? If yes, what kind?  (I'm thinking a ceramic one, after reading THIS)

- In case this wouldn't be a good knife for me, what good alternatives are there? It shouldn't be much more expensive than the 170$ the Addict 2 costs, since I also have to pay shipping and customs.



Thats all for now, I hope someone can give me some insight! :)

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Since all your questions relate to the Addict, its probably worth emailing Mark from CKtG them. He can most likely give you the best answer to your questions

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As you live in Europe, you may get the Choseras at reasonable prices, e.g. with
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Thanks for your help so far guys! I've messaged Mark, they'll have a few of them available next week again.


I already have one Naniwa Chosera (800) grain, what would be a good addition to this?

The shop Benuser posted also has its own set of stones, consisting of two combo stones, one with 240 / 800 the other one with 2000 / 5000, has anyone expirience with these?

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About the Eden stones: ask the guys from

I would suggest you to stick with Chosera and have the 3k.
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