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newbie here

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Hi all, thought I would say hello first as its rude not to.

My name is Chris, I have a love for food and cooking. Father was a chef and guess I have some of his passion in cooking.

Ideally here to learn and ask some really stupid question so please bear with me!


I have all the gear and only a little idea. Love the kitchen (and the wine) and cook everyday for the family.

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Aloha Chris

Heh, there’s never a stupid question, you may want to utilize the Search bar at the top of the page for past discussions on a topic of interest, many have been around the globe many times over.

Chef Talk has over 40,000 members in all walks of food obsession; the 3 Professional forums are read only though for people like you and me who are not in the biz.

Once you look over the Tutorials, FAQ and Community Guidelines and you have a question in regards to the site, please PM one of us Mods or a Admin person for help.

Welcome to CT!

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