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linzer cookie vs tart

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My daughter had a heart shaped jam filled cookie from la madeline and thought we can make some for vday...soon will be around the corner.  I searched for recipes but not have found one except the shortbread kind.  What is a linzer cookie supposed to be ? sugar cookie or buttery?  I want something that would hold well since will be packaging them as gifts.  but I do not want it hard like la madeline.  Also, a good jam that will not leak or ooze since I have made rugelack and it was a mess.  But we will be spreading the jam after the cookies are baked right?  Also, what is a linzer tart?

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Same thing (maybe you are thinking about a torte..which is a pie or cake type dessert)

Cookie or tart it's just how fancy you want to sound to justify a higher price, lol!

I use my Gma's shortbread cookies recipe, but ran across this one while surfing.

It sounds yummy, but keep in mind that I have never made it so cannot pronounce it as "tried and true".

As for the difficulty?

A beginner can do this if the cookie recipe is not too fussy.

Also IMO it beats the regular RI decorated shape cookies, hands down in the flavor department..

The one problem (to me) would be shipping as the components are delicate.

If you happen to make the dough (in the link) please shoot me a PM and let me know how it went, pretty please?



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If you pack them well, there shouldn't be a problem and if you want them softer, just pack some apple slices with them.

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One is a cookie, small and looks like a sandwich , the other is like a tart or torte..





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