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I don't know why my original thread was deleted, I was asking for suggestions about cooking schools. In any case, I'm slightly interested in culinary arts and would just consider myself a hobbyist. I've had a couple server jobs at low end restaurants in the Bay Area of California and then went to college to study unrelated stuff. I'm interested in how food and health are related and get stoked about all that locavore/vegan stuff but am not religious about any of it. Hello!

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I think to begin with you need to decide what exactly you are interested in. Your post is very vague and you don't seem to have a direct question. Culinary schools are very expensive for someone who is "slightly interested in culinary arts". There are plenty of sources for learning general information about cooking, locavore/vegan stuff and alot of other subjects. Do a bit more exploring until you come up with a distinct goal. 

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Check into the UC system and community colleges.  Take some classes.  It will be much cheaper and likely give you all the knowledge you are looking for.  Culinary schools at $15K+/year is a bit much for a hobbyist.

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thanks for the replies, folks... Yeah I'm going to start with CC classes. I'm not rich!

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