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The "tree rats" are abundnt whereI live.  Not at all unsual to see 3-4 in yard at one time.  They're destructive... totally destroyed a few houseplants out on  during warm months... and I totally blame them for gnawing thru gas line on grill.


Saw something today tha I just HADDA be in the right place at theright time to witness.  Out of corner of my ee, saw "something" dive outta the sky!  Next thing I know a BIG bird is heading up into a tree in backyard with a squirrel in one claw!  Swear it looked like it was trying to beat the thing unconscious on the branch?!?


Thought it was some kinda hawk, but someone at another site said maybe a Perrigrine Falcon??  Probably close to 15-18" long from head to tail.  Chest was white and rest of belly speckled.  Did take one pic... not very good??  When I went to try fro a better angle... it took off.  Went out to run some errands a few minutes later and it was sitting in tree in neighbor's yard, still clutching that squirrel.

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lqtm  tongue.gif

'round these parts we got 'rats on hooves'

the mule deer are thick all year round

the young bucks have ruined both of my absolutely beautiful Octopus Agave, they cost me $150 EACH!

the little bas----s

I asked Santa for a new BB gun, but that's the one thing I didn't get off my wish list

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