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I'm looking to purchase a quality 150mm carbon (white #2) wa-Petty and have narrowed it down to (but not limited to) these three:


1.Gesshin Ginga

2.Konosuke (Fujiyama?)

3.Masamoto KS


I know that they are not the most comparable to each other, but this is why they are on the list:


1. After reading many discussions on this site, I came across a comment that BDL made about the Ginga being really the upper end for buying a petty before it could start to become a waste of money as they do take a lot of abuse. This option that I have chosen is really a benchmark (and not necessarily the exact knife I want to buy) for where I would not like to go below as I would really like to baby this knife as I have many other knives of lesser quality for dealing with things such as cutting string and other rough applications.


2. The Kono is the laser (does the term "laser" apply to petty's?), which I think I would love, and at only roughly $30 more than the Ginga ($65 more for the Fujiyama), this knife could out-perform it quite a bit. is the Fujiyama line worth the extra cost?


3. What can I say? It's a Masamoto. Not a laser, but a well reputable knife.


Some background: I have Naniwa whetstones from 600 to 12K, and have some experience sharpening with my straight razor (something I really enjoy). I have one plain strop and one stationary strop with some .5 micron paste on it. So I have some experience dealing with high carbon metals, so I think this is something I would like to have in my petty. The question is, should I get a ceramic steeling rod to use on this knife semi-daily?


Would there be any reason to look into a different high carbon steel such as a white #1 or a blue #2?


I cook at home, and I'm planning on attending culinary school out of personal interest. Please let me know what your thoughts are about this group of knives. I would like to make a special shout out to BDL: I've been reading a lot of your posts and find them fantastic advice, possibly the best I have ever heard on these topics regarding kitchen knives and I would love to hear more about your opinions regarding the above. I hope you are enjoying the holiday season and that you are not getting too many hassles this time of year.



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Why do you want a carbon petty?

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As long as it is taken care of and maintained, it should be a better steel, no?


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