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Replacing non-stick pans

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Hi all,


I'm looking to ditch my non-stick frying pans.  I'm getting to intermediate stage cooking.


I've done a little research and see the best way is to replace with 2 types of pans - stainless steel and iron (De Buyer Mineral B) the later to be used for eggs after seasoning and the ss to be used for everything else.


Does this make sense?   Will the SS be better for certain foods than the iron pan? or will I be able to get away with the iron pan for all frying/sauces


Thanks in advance.



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If that makes sense to you then go for it.  You have little to lose.  I do a bit different -- DeBuyer black/blue steel pans for most everything, and teflon pan for eggs.  Stainless steel will be better for working with hghly acidic ingredients that will be in the pan for a prolonged period of time.

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Yes, you can make just about everything with a carbon steel such as DeBuyer Mineral B: eggs, pancakes, crepes, steaks, chops, sauteed veggies, stir fries, fried rice, fried anything, quick pan sauces, etc etc... 


The only thing where carbon steel is not ideal IMO is liquid stuff such as braises, long-cooked sauces, anything acidic. For that I use SS. 


I got rid of my non-stick pans about 4 years ago and never looked back. Good luck to you!

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Same advice as the others... De Buyer carbon is now my go-to pan for almost everything. I am purchasing a large tri-ply saute for braising and one-skillet meals with tomatoes and acidic ingredients. I find that I can fry eggs just fine in the carbon pans, but scrambled eggs tend to stick. So I keep one teflon 12" for scrambled eggs. I also use cast iron, especially for frying potatoes because it will hold temperature easily and I can brown and cook without scorch or burning.

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