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The Fifth Sense of Taste: Umami

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Hi everyone, 
Nice to meet you all, I am a new user here and wanted to introduce myself first. 
I am currently a second year student at the San Jose State University studying Behavioral Science with a minor in visual culture.
I in bit of a need of help from you guys. Recently I my friends and I stumbled onto the topic of taste buds and apparently there is a less-well known fifth taste bud called umami (sweet, sour, salty, and bitter are the other four).  
Umami is the Japanese word for delicious and has been described to make one say "ahhh" or "mmm" when one experiences it. 
A bit more in here: 
"The word ‘umami' is now widely recognized and used amongst chefs, food writers and food fans around the world, but not so long ago it was known only in Japan, or among scientists, and even then viewed with considerable skepticism. One man who has been aware of umami longer and understands it better than most is Professor Tim Jacob, School of Biosciences, University of Cardiff who specializes in the relationship between smell and taste. “Umami has only been accepted in the west for the past 10 years or so, and the discovery of taste receptors for umami gave it credibility,” says Jacob."  
Now here's the part where I need your help. I would like to do a school project about this mysterious fifth taste bud. I have been trying to collect images on the internet of facial expressions "ahh" or "mmm" by people all over the world. However its really hard to find other races of people. I am asking if anyone here would please share your photos of friends or family enjoying food.  
Thank you for helping! 
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Is it possible that there are other tastes we haven't discovered yet?

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Personally I think it is impossible to think that every flavor combination has been done. So yes I myself believe there are tastes or flavors we have not discovered.
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