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New face from Boston

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Hey all, glad to finally be a member here and not just a lurker. Im a culinary student from the Boston area. I was in school for Political Science and after my first year decided it wasnt for me and to follow my culinary passion. I ended up going to a local community college for a semester doing there culinary program and am now accepted and going to the CIA in a month. Ive been in the food industry since sophomore year in high school, and have gradually staged in many top restaurants in Boston. My best experience was working at Ken Oringer and Jamie Bissonettes Toro, a nose to tail, farm to table experimental tapas bar. I love melding unusual flavor profiles and using experimental techniques sometimes to great avail others not so much. I cant wait to have some great discussions on this board, meet some friends, and talk food!



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Aloha Jordan, Welcome to Chef Talk, so glad you decided to now be a non-lurker and join in the conversation.  It's all about food, right?  Don't forget about us Home Cooks and you will participate in the general forums and not just in the Culinary Students or Pro forums.

The CIA, huh?  Good on ya' man!

If you have questions in regards to the site, please PM a Mod or Admin person for help.  I think you'll find that everyone here is most respectful.

Best of luck in 2013!

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