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Spend My Money, forum friends! 48" range replacement

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Have had a 48" Dacor for 10 years.  Time for a replacement.  It's 6 burner, one small oven, one larger, Duel Fuel etc.  Prior to that I had Viking cooktop that was full of issues.  I'd rather stay away from Viking but it may have changed in 10 years.  At the time I was going to go with Wolf but after looking at them in the stores, I just didn't like the way the door felt.  They went on in the last 10 years to be the next Viking in high end residential homes but i haven't followed the trends in the last 10 years to know if they developed a good track record or not.


I understand these are sweeping generalities, based only on my experiences!  But that's my background.  I require a high endish name to resell my home, but would go with a residential version of a real commercial brand (which amounts to a no name brand to most home buyers but at least wouldn't be a detraction!).  But i'd be doing that because I would hope the real commercial brand would be just better at doing the simple things.  i don't need so much BTUs that I launch a spaceship on my cooktop...i'm not doing 400 covers a night!  but if any toys have trickled down to the residential kitchen, I'm open.  Other than that I need stuff that lights, real heat, easy to clean or hides minor imperfections, real convection.


I am an above average home chef and cook all of the time because I have been doing gluten free catering for almost 20 years.  My stove is super high use... I feel like I've beat the heck out of the Dacor.  It's been better than the Viking x100...but I wonder if there is something better out there.  Like real wok BTU for a curved wok, more reliable ignition for the gas cooktop, ovens that self clean better, convection ovens that are more even top to bottom...basically just little tweaks to what I have. 


One minor thing I like about the Dacor is the black top under the gas cooktop.  My Viking cooktop was stainless and showed grease marks.  I can't remember but that may have been the Wolf range as well, which at the time would have been another negative.  One thing I don't like about the Dacor is I've never felt that the 15,000 btu burners have been that hot.  I do like that the 6 burners are full sized with real size pans though and not sized for pots instead of 12 inch+ sautee pans.


OK me spend my money please!  You have 10K.  Thanks!

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Sigh... One of these days me too.

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Yikes those are gorgeous.  Almost makes me feel like I need to redo my kitchen cabinets too to honor the stove (gulps).  I guess I should take a cursory...i mean cautionary look at LC again.  If only to drool.  I remember doing the research 10 years ago and it seemed like it was a lot of show, very tempermental, hard to clean etc...a lot of little issues that didn't make it as friendly for real life cooking!  But hey, it's been 10 years...maybe it's just one big self cleaning, self cooking, fold your laundry and vaccum the house kind of purchase now!??

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I love my Wolf kitchen equipment! I would recommend the gas range top. If you don't want the griddle like I have, then 6 burners if you are going to do a 48". Also if you notice in my picture, I have drawers under my cooktop. It is extremely convenient for doing a lot of cooking in the kitchen. I did the microwave and single oven. The microwave doubles as a convection oven, so it's really convenient.
Hope this helps.
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I'd look hard at Induction if you can afford it. It's great to cook on. Thermador rolled out a cool induction cooktop at CES. No set burners. Put a pan on, it recognizes the size and location, that's the burner. Shape and size doesn't matter. the whole surface can be used.


I'd read about the tech some years back. Cool to see it available for real. I'd like to see how it handles people picking up the pan and tossing it and not setting it down right in the same spot, or similar issues.

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