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Please Help, I am new here

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Hi, I have a Wolf 24" gas griddle. My griddle is now 3 years old. I use it occasionally and mostly for breakfast foods, mainly omlettes and eggs. Here is my dilemma. About every couple of months, I give it a good cleaning with Scotch Brite Quick Clean Griddle Liquid. After this deep clean (it makes the griddle look new again) it takes me about 4 to 5 uses to get the non-stick properties back. Now I do "season" it right after cleaning, but I am wondering what I am doing wrong. Also, I don't want you guys to think I am not a clean cook or something by not giving it this super shiny clean look after every use, but if I did that, I would never have any non-stick properties to my griddle and therefore never use it. In between uses, I scrape it, let it cool, wipe it down with a cloth. The surface is always left smooth and clean, however it does get browner after every use, which is why the deep cleaning.

So today I bought a grill brick and I am afraid I will ruin my griddle with it. Any suggestions or comments you can help me with?
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Get it cooking temperature hot, apply a liberal amount of oil ( think swimming, acts as a lubricant) apply a fair amount of pressure to the grill brick, work the entire surface. I always do the edges first, then work the field in a circle 8 pattern. The brick will leave behind a lot of grit and gum up, again make sure there is plenty of oil. When you think its clean, scrape it all off with a flat scraper and do it again. Scrape, wipe with dry paper towels until you think all the grit is gone, Then wipe with a damp cloth towel until clean.


Ditch the chemicals........ Those should be only used to get stuff off that a brick won't, usually around the perimeter where cooks don't want to spend the time cleaning properly. This stuff is also taking your surface down to bare metal.

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So if the grill is seasoned, will the brick allow the seasoning to stay, or will it take it off every time?
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You would think after 3 years I would have things figures out, but I have always had this feeling I wasn't doing something right. Thank you chefbuba for your help.
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