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Hello everyone

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Hello everyone at cheftalk. Have been a chef for 20 years. I am currently the corporate chef for a REAL "farm to table" company outside of St. Louis, MO. We have a 200 acre working farm where we grow our own produce, raise beef and pork. I am in charge of an upscale casual restaurant at the farm, a small daytime cafe, banquet / wedding operations and a soon to open fine dining restaurant downtown St. Louis.


Looking forward to reading some of the forums and will help answer questions if I can.

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Aloha, Welcome ChefRussel, I can't wait to hear more about the farm to table company you work for and see some photos of the types of food you produce.

You may want to utilize the Search Bar on topics that interest you, as many have been around the globe many times over.

Please don't overlook the Galleries, Articles and Reviews, we're more than just a pretty face here at Chef Talk.  Many of the members, over 40,000 and counting, can keep up with the big dawgs.

I think that you'll be surprised at the diversity as well as complexity of CT; should you have any question in regards to the site itself, please PM any of the Mods or Admin persons for assistance.


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Hello on you chef i am not really an professional chef i am Marylou i am glad to know a person who are really good on cooking.

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