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Need Information.

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 Iam a new and young aspiring caterer and mobile food truck owner inside of Washington,DC. Cooking is my passion but I need help on how to make my passion a profession. Where do I start.

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You already did (start, that is) .

What is the problem with the truck, if you don't mind me asking.

What are you serving from that truck and where did this craving for a "real" career come from?

Do you plan to stay in catering or is the shine starting to wear off (maybe you are just bored)?

Have any other experience in the industry?

What do you expect to gain with this change?




The ability to add to your bag 'o tricks and travel on your skills?

If you are still young and unencumbered by a family or a load of bills to pay, this may be the time for you to go for it.

Find a career counselor, ask tons of questions and then sift out half of the BS he/she has fed you... or maybe take a few classes here and there and get a job in the BOH someplace so you can absorb a bit of the real world.

Good luck... really!



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