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Hello there (Internation Student)

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Hello there everyone,

first of all let me start giving brief info about myself, my name is Emre Koc, 24 years old, male from Turkey.

I’m very interested with culinary degree programs (bachelor prefered ) so I wanted to learn more and ask a few questions.

After I graduated from Private Bilgi High School (%75 scholarship through all years), I waited for a year before I decide what I wanted to do, tried different jobs, tried to make up my mind and everything. Then I got a full schoolship from Istanbul Bilgi University for Visual Communication Design program and decided to give it a shot but after a year I decided that this program is not for me at all. So I left and went to Germany to learn my third language. And in Germany while I was living alone I found out that I really really love cooking and enjoying every second of it, I felt like I really wanted to do this rest of my life. So I decided to move back to Turkey and get in to a Chef School since in Germany I wasnt able to do so becouse I wasnt good enough deutsch yet but I was sure that I wanted to cook and do it fast went back to Turkey like I said and started my training at Istanbul Culinary Academy ( following module by Institute of Culinary Education) and finished it this year, It was a wonderful experiance and once again I was sure what I wanted to do in the future and rest of my life so I started to search the schools in Turkey also overseas like US,Canada and EU. All of my instructors told me to go overseas for better educations also career. So after a searching a while I learned that I had to pass the university entrace exam in Turkey once again to actually go to overseas University. ( Becouse of rules in Turkey, If i do go without passing the exam, Turkish goverment doesnt accept the degree) So after studying like a year I managed to pass the university entrance exams in Turkey. Which means I managed to remove my second last barrier for what I want.

Now that I have one last barrier that stands for me which as you might expect is my finance. As a student (even though I’m working in Turkey ) I’m not making much money without my actual degree and I cant work as a Chef too since I don’t have a proper degree however I worked as a intern to get more experiance meanwhile I get ready for exams.

Right now, at least to my calculations and from what I hear from my friends, I’m able to support my own living (did lots of saving+family help ( around 1000usd a month already saved for next 2 year ) if I do come to Canada or US (place to stay,food,travel etc etc) however I won’t be able to pay the tutution fee in this case, well I can pay some for sure.

However I do believe that I have a succesfull education background and also really good work experiance and very high sprit about becoming a Chef and I’m willing to do whatever it takes for it. I can work, clean, you name it and I can do it.

So this brings me to my last question as you might guess, Is there any collage help students like me? Schoolship of somekind? Work to learn somekind of thing?


As I said I’m willing to do everything for this.


Thanks a lot, hope to get a answer from you!

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