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Hello from Aberdeen

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Hello folks I am Darren Taylor all the way from Aberdeen in Scotland. I work mainly as a line chef however have worked in other job titles in my cooking career. I started off working in Subway when I left my job working as a Fire Safety equipment engineer. I wanted a taste for the food industry so I took to Subway as my first step.


From Subway I moved on to Mecca Bingo kitchen as a chef / microwave tech. A lot of pre cooked meals just to be heated however putting out 1200 on a busy shift in that size of kitchen is hard work so I got a taste for working under pressure.


Once I got a little taste for the line of work I decided to take it more serious and applied for college and started to look online and cook serious at home to. Learning not just about what im doing but understanding all little details. Different oils and why to use this one and not that one, understanding why I put this much salt in etc. My philosophy is for being a chef is this. "If you want to cook then learn to cook. If you want to be a great cook learn to understand cooking."


My preference in cooking or is Italian food and Indian. I love Indian food but I have much to learn about cooking their food. Along side that I love making soup. One of the first things I cooked was Split Pea Soup and I take so much enjoyment in making soup. The only limit is your imagination... and food poisoning I guess.


I live with my fiancée Naomi and hopefully we will be moving into our new house soon. She has been very supportive of my career and giving me the motivation to keep working at it even when things haven't gone to plan.


I like to cook for an audience and I like criticism on my food providing its kept to my food and not me. To many people have disliked my food because they dislike me. I do like feedback on my work and I like to show my work. I take pride in the food I make.


I am starting a project on youtube called Into the Kitchen to help some of the people out there who don't know the basics and who struggle with learning to cook. This project is to strip away some of the complicated and hard graft to make it nice easy and less stressful. If anyone is interest in knowing more just send me a message.


Last of all I am here for a few different reasons. 1 is to learn more about the cooking world. There is always room to learn more. 2. To meet new people and talk to them about their own dishes and tips etc. Making some new friends.


I look forward to speaking to you all here and I hope I can learn some new things from you all. I know I have given you my life story pretty much but this is to let you know where I am in the chef world. Any questions just ask.


Look forward to future conversations.


Darren Taylor

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Welcome th Cheftalk! I'm from Edinburgh and we have a few other Scots on the board, so get tore in, as we'd say redface.gif:D

The membership here is from around the globe and all levels of culinary skill. I'm in the Very Enthusiastic Amateur camp. Feel free to join in any thread you find interesting or start your own in the relevant forum. The articles, wikis, reviews and photography are all well worth spending time to view.

Hope to see you around the boards.
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Wire in as I say haha


I do look forward to speaking to you all and learning some new things.


I appreciate the welcome :)

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