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Meyer Lemons are here!

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They look so beautiful and have such a lovely aroma and flavor. And the price was right, so I bought a pound.


I found an LA Times article on 100 things to do with a Meyer lemon but I'd like to know what people here like best to do with them.


I had them thinly sliced and roasted until they were a bit crispy at a restaurant last year but in the end it turned out to be a boozy night and I didn't take proper note of how exactly they arrived at that state. I just remember that they were delicious. I'm thinking maybe they were tossed with a little bit of olive oil before going in the oven. Anyone had such a thing?

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My backyard is absolutely full of them. And grapefruits and tangerines too! They're at their peak right now.


I have started using the Meyer lemon juice AND their zest on nearly everything I cook. For example the other day I braised a pork shoulder in milk with the entire zest of one lemon (peeling it so it stays in one piece). On the side I poached some fennel which I then seasoned with olive oil and the juice of the lemon, and added more grated zest on top!


Or another one: bought some fennel bulbs, diced them, segmented some Meyer lemons and diced the segments, removed the pits from some tiny black olives from Nice, seasoned that salad with Meyer lemon juice and EVOO, S & P. 


I've sauteed them before in oil, in a pan, to caramelize them a bit, and that makes them look and taste delicious. I've used that to garnish paella before. However for some reason that sometimes turns them bitter?? Not sure why. What you describe sounds tasty (and the night sounds fun). biggrin.gif

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Oh, you're so lucky to have a yard full of fruit trees!


That fennel dish sounds wonderful. I will definitely be trying that. 


I think I'll go back and buy enough to make ice cream or sorbet, too,  while they are available.



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OMG. The hubs picked 600 gorgeous and loaded with juice and took them to work for sharing
Left about the same amt on the shrub and announced to the neighbors to come and help themselves.
This was an unusul year for all my gardens.
Big thanks to the Big Guy for a year full of answered prayers
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I have never heard of Meyer lemons but I use ordinary lemons though. I love lemons not only a culinary purpose but good for antiseptic purposes too. Its good for colds and flus and sore throat with honey and boiling hot water stirred in. Its good for getting rid of bad odours on your clean chopping boards too. Its even useful as an air freshener at home, work and in your car. Lemon has so many purposes. Its also used for lifting depression, low moods and even headaches.
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