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high calorie meals

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My mother in-law who is 80 + is suffering from alzhiemers, she is 5ft 9in tall and now weighs 102 pounds.  We need recipes that maximize calories for someone with no appetite.

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Two ?.
Are you caring for mom at home?
Is she still with you a majority of the time or has she pretty much already checked out ?
If she is still pretty with it contact her doc for a pro nutritional consult and treatment plan of care.
If mom is already living in the past, my expert opinion is to start shopping for a facility placement.
I know you want her to be safe and keeping her at home is not safe.
Not safe at all.
God Bless You, your family and yes , mom also.
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Look to her past for recipes. She is much more likely to eat if the food brings back memories.


Is she a savory or sweet person? If sweet, try a dash of sugar on vegetables, even on starches.


Increase the intensity of flavors she likes, experiment to find foods she enjoys or will eat. If she enjoys, she will consume more calories.


Don't cook what you think she should eat, cook what she will eat.

Specialties: MasterCook/RecipeFox; Culinary logistics; Personal Chef; Small restaurant owner; Caterer
Specialties: MasterCook/RecipeFox; Culinary logistics; Personal Chef; Small restaurant owner; Caterer
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I am a Dietary Manager at an  alzhiemers and dementia  facility. With these conditions they lose there sense of taste mostly . Sweet taste is the last one to go .I have # residents that we actually have to put mapel syrup on everything they eat so they will eat . We Spice things ( almost over spice) the meals we make so they can taste it. Thats  also a great idea to try to cook her past recipies. My  facility is in the south but im sure alot of our recipies could work for you aswell. we do alot of fried chicken, Pastas, Heavy soups/ chowders. It also depends on her level. can she chew ? is she more on finger foods? Does she need a Mechanical soft diet? all things to consider whentrying to plan meals. one thing we do when a resident isnt hungry or wont really eat we make milkshakes but instead of milk we use Ensure. that gives  all the nutrition but sneeks it into a shake. Hope this helps. feel free to message me ! hope all goes well ! 

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Yes! Ensure shakes rock!
My BIL had to gain weight before he could start a course of radiation and since he is a sweets fiend he rapidly gained and met the doc's target.
I was curious and so he shared with me.
My fave was chocolate ensure with coconut ice cream.
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Tal... My fave aunt was placed a few months ago
Needless to say we are pretty torn up.
Her secondary dx is Parkinsons.
Since I am the " medical" family member am getting bombarded for med translations.
I have not done Geriatric case managment for YEARS.
Would you mind if I occ PM you for a sidewalk consult , the family is driving me a bit batty. Thx.
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thanks for you help guys. My wife and I were just talking about ensure shakes today, now we are going to make it happen.  some background for those who asked.  She is living at home with her husband, my daughter who works as a Geriatric Nurse Assistant lives there with her husband and daughter, my sister inlaw who is an RN spends several days a week there.  My wife and I live one hundred miles away spend but at least one of us is there a couple days a week.  My primary contributions are to sit with her and  to cook.

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Flipflop. Sure ! PM me ill help with what i can. Anything i dont know i can ask the nurses here smile.gif
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Dave looks like mom is all set and there is no more comforting place than a familiar environment and faces.
I am sure you have heard the horror stories surrounding this issue and even tho this is not a pretty disease it appears that you guys have a great team and plan of care in place.
Silly isn't it.
Most of us are never thin enough while those most fragile among us struggle to just get in enough c calories to survive.
Hugs for mom .
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Thanks to all.

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