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dry mix recipe

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Iam planning to open a wholesale bakery,I need to make the dry mix for each product and have it ready so I can only add the liquid part to I live in a country that is difficult to find the ready dry mix.the products are:cinnamon rolls,muffins,cupcake,chocolate cookies,cake doughnuts,croisant,marble cake,danish and honeybuns,

I deeply appreciate it if any one can tell me, or direct me to a source where i can obtain any of these info.


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Where are you located, if you don't mind me asking?
Also need some ingredient lists.
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Iam located in Syria,please specify more about the ingredients list as basic ingredients are available

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Iam located in Syria ,I did not understand exactly what you meant with ingredients list,but all basic ingredients are available.

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If you are baking from scratch, the ingredient list is the recipe (flour, sugar, leavening, spices, etc) and in many cases, you can make up your own "mix" of the dry ingredients so all you have to do is add leavening and liquid and flavoring;if you are baking from a ready-to-use mix (there are two types - you can add liquid in the form of water, milk or a milk substitute; or you can add liquid and eggs, oil - what you add depends on what it is - doughnuts, cake, muffin - and what the manufacturer has already put into it like dry milk solids, dried egg solids, etc).


Most of the big bakery brands (Dawn Foods, Pillsbury/General Mills) sell 50 pound bags of ready to use mix.  My sister used to have a doughnut shop and used those kinds of mixes.

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many thanks JCakes for the useful info.,unfortunatly ready-to-use-mix is  not available currently where  I live ,only basic ingredients available, and what i need is a recipe for how i can make a  mix for any or all of the products i mentioned above using the method you mentioned (making up "mix" of the dry ingredients and all I have to do is to add leavening and liquid and flavoring). a recipe for whole the procedure.

best regards

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I am on my I Phone and have not figured out how to post links.
You seem to have access to to WWW so use your search option key words bulk baking mix recipes.
There were pages and pages of options.
Happy hunting my new Syrian friend.
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thanks a lot flipflopgirl,sure i will do ,thanks again

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