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Hi everyone

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Hello! I am a baker by profession, but I have an passion for all things food. It is as though everything is finally falling in to place for me now and I would love to share my love for this art among friends.

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Aloha, Welcome RodneyBurrows to Chef Talk.

You, my friend, have come to the right place.

It is ALL about food here, you are in excellent company.

We love to share, and chat, and post all things food related.

Jump in where ever you find interest, one note on that, you may

want to utilize the search bar to find topics that have gone around the world many times over the past 10 + years.

Chef Talk is an amazing website, and should you have any questions in regards to it, please PM one of us Mods or an Admin person for help.

I hope to see some pix of some of your projects in the Galleries.


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