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Any other liquid to use with yeast

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Besides water, can I use milk or juice to activate yeast? As long as it is in the correct temperature?
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Pre-activation of yeast is not really necessary, unless you want 'proof' that it is still alive/active.
To get your 'proof' and peace of mind dissolve a bit of sugar in some water or milk that has been warmed.
When the mix foams or bubbles proceed with the recipe.
Juice, unless one of the ingredients in the recipe, prob not such a great idea unless you don't mind the end product tasting like apples or oranges or whatever.
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I have proofed in beer for beer bread.

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I use fil mjölk at times (close to butter milk ) and i also use Greek and Turkish yogurt. Gunniess or a simular beer works nicely too.
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I have made beer bread and love the flavor, but the crumb was a bit gummy in the center, most probably my oven was too hot.
This yeast and yogurt combo... maybe with a bit of dill, sounds like a good base for tea sandwiches.
Would you mind sharing a link or two?
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Hi Flipflop,

I dont have any links to share for this it is just one of the ways I picked up and make bread, depending on what my whim is in the morning. I can however share the formula I use.

2.5 liters of water
1 liter plain yogurt, turkish usually
150gms fresh yeast
1 liter or sour dough, my sourdough is 3 years old or so and about 10 liters in volume, we feed it daily and twice a week feed it a gunniess
2 deciliters cold pressed raps oil
3 deciliters dark syrup
100 grams of salt
5 kilos of high gluton flour

I start by mixing the yogurt, yeast, and sourdough. let it sit for 15 mins and work a bit. i then mix in the water, syrup and oil. add salt and mix. feed in the flour in 2 steps. after the second step I let it mix for 15 mins. raise for an hour or so on the bench, form loaves, i take a dozen from this batch, and raise again for at least another hour. I steam the loaves for 12 mins, if in pans, or 10 mins if they are free, the switch to heat 180C full fan for 24 mins.

you are correct, dill work nicely in the bread. Tarragon does also.

Hope this helps

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