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Portable Oven Recommendations?

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My girlfriend is really into cooking, wants to go to culinary school soon.
Problem is our studio has no oven or stove (terrible).

What are your recommendations on a portable stove and oven that a professional chef would deem suitable?

Portable is important cause I also plan to take the unit to various events (where I work) where she can practice catering.

Thank you for any advice
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Since no one else has responded, I'll offer some suggestions.


Without knowing what the setup will be like at the "various events" where she's catering, it seems obvious she should go with electric countertop units that run on 120 v., since that will be most accessible. For the oven, a half-size convection oven like Vollrath's mini convection oven is a decent option . You might need/want something smaller, because that's large enough to be a two person lift, but it's reasonably portable. For the stovetop, a countertop induction unit like the Vollrath Mirage  would be a good start. Vollrath's induction cooktops are really well regarded. Keep in mind, induction might be a change up for your girlfriend if she's never used it and it will not work with every pot/pan, but it seems to be growing in popularity. There are some good discussions of induction technology around ChefTalk (i.e.


Hope that helps.


Warren -

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You can go for Convection ovens.  They are the best. They work on advanced techniques that have fans to regulate heat in every side of the oven. Cooking becomes much faster and more quantity of food can be baked at a time. Moreover, food becomes more delicious.

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