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Cooking with fresh peppercorns?

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Saw some whole fresh (as opposed to dry) peppercorns, still on the stem, the other day at the Thai market. I could swear I remember seeing a recipe somewhere for a chicken curry with whole fresh peppercorns, I just cannot locate it anymore. 


Anyone knows how to use fresh peppercorns? Or any good recipes out there? I'd love to give this a shot. 

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I would think you could use them like regular peppers. But I'm heading to my asian market tomorrow to see if they have any. 

Have you tried googling it?

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What do you mean by "regular peppers": bell peppers, chili peppers or peppercorns? 


I've tried googling yes but it's not an easy one. Lots of unrelated results. Found that one though:

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Sorry, I should have said like regular peppercorns. That recipe sounds like a good one. But like I said, I would think you could use them in any way that dried peppercorns are used. But if they are fresh and probably softer, perhaps salads and other fresh applications. If I find some I'll post what I find out. 

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I only used once and I steamed them a bit first.. I prefer the green peppercorns in the can . A lot less mess.

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I use green and pink peppercorns (the pink ones aren't actually peppers, but so what) for sauces all the time. The green ones are the same thing as black, just milder. 


You can brine dried green or pink peppercorns in salted, water to refresh them.  It takes an hour or two before they're soft enough to use whole.  Doesn't work with black pepper, the hull comes off the corns, and the corns don't taste good.


I've had fresh green peppercorns in Thai, Malaysian and Indian food.  At the end of the day they're just green peppercorns, but a bit more so.  More intense, and a little more fruity. 


Green, pink or black, if the pepper berries are fresh enough you can simply do your best to clean them, then throw them in whatever it is you're making.  Do a small trial sauce first to find out how hot they are before serving to other people. 



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