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Did this sexy mustard-y sauce today

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I had a party of 20 or so for 3 dishes, and I felt like doing them something special just 'cause it's tuesday and I have nothing else to do than to make beautiful food - and hey, that's my job!


The menu:


Mousse of smoked salmon, smoked cheese and crispy rye


Breast of rooster, salty potatoes, mustard sauce and root vegetables


Raspberry mazarin with liquorice ice cream and raspberry-liquorice foam


The mousse, an obvious kitchen-saver, went over well, with me thanking my pacojet for producing stuff no-one else could do with what was actually leftovers but was presented as a costly starter. I do this starter all the time, and feel a little ashamed, but then I watch the money rolling in, accounting how much a pacojet is, I should feel good :-)


Smoked cheese - a danish specialty, turned into a foamy substance, has to be seen to be believed, and the crispy rye - well, if you haven't had rye bread, you're not ready and can clearly not understand why a crispy version of this king of breads needs to be reveared!


The rooster, though, I think we all see; the ones I had were near 2 servings each, so I counted 1½ serving on each breast - one has to be a business man, after all. I cut off the excess flesh and bones from each, salted the breasts lightly, sealed them in vacuum bags and poached them at 53C for an hour and a half and left them to cool.


The leftover bits, and there were lots of them, I could've passed to the bin, but I chose to take a page from the book of Blumenthal; I powdered the leftover chicken bits with skimmed milk powder and left them to brown in the oven. Meanwhile, I cooked off a good handful of mushrooms, mostly shitakes, adding several whole cloves of garlic and 6 whole onions. Left to brown lightly, I flamed a bit of cognac on there and added half a bottle of white wine to reduce. Added the slightly burned chicken bits along with a veal stock cooked 2 days in advance (as in, it took 2 days), let it simmer and reduce.


I didn't even possess the heart to start thickening that legenday stock with roux, so I finely blitzed a handful of shitakes in the blender, popped them in a pot with some butter and added a handful of flour. (yeah I know, I did a roux there, but at least it was part of the preparation). Browned the lot and added my legendary stock to produce a sauce I can only ever desribe as "OMG it has everything, only it needs..." - and what it needed was coarse mustard and a spot of cream - it was the perfect accompliment to my papas arrugadas, salty little bastards; and the perfectly cooked breasts - after the 53C sous-viding it's just 8mins at 240C and you have crispy skin and moist meat. Add the well-prepared root veggies, and you have beauty.


The dessert; well, you guys don't even like liquorice, do you? If you do, I'll let you in ;-)

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All sounds great and I do like licorice....

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