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Tips for Red Seal Exam

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Hi Chefs,

Just wanted to write a quick thread on here to get some tips on what to really concentrate on and possibly some book suggestions to reference from to write my red seal. I attended culinary school back in 2006 but wasn't able to finished due to a family illness. I never returned due to taking care of my mom and having success in the kitchen in rolls as sous chef and now executive chef.
I recently got granted acceptance to write my red seal in a couple weeks, huge accomplishment for me smile.gif and just want a few pointers from fellow chefs.

Thanks a lot everyone who responds to this thread.
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if you still have it go through your old text book from school and pay attention to anything you probably don't use everyday like choux paste.go through the beef chart and know where the primal cuts come from.if you haven't done your serve safe in a while do it again because there are quite a few questions based on's a really easy test based on common sense but there are lots of questions that have an answer that is almost right....go with your first instinct.
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