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Polishing a Blade

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So I got my first "good" knife a few months ago, a 240mm Artifex. I was able to get a usable edge on it (still learning this sharpening thing), but I still seemed to be having problems cutting stuff.  It took more effort, even with a better edge than a not-so-good knife we've got that's hollow ground.  After some research, I figured it just needed thinning to fix the wedging problem.  I was hesitant to do it myself, but finally built up the nerve and took it (very slowly) to my DMT Extra Coarse plate.


I think I marked it up with a sharpie 4 time on each side, constantly checking my progress.  I then took it to my Bester 1200, and Suehiro Rika 5k, blending the thinned part in with the edge on both.  I got a nice sharp edge on it (sharpest I've been able to achieve yet), and it cuts times better than it did before.  The tip glides through the verticals cuts with an onion, and the rest of the knife requires much less effort to cut and doesn't wedge near as much.  I haven't tested it on any hard foods like carrots, but don't doubt it will be better.


Anyways, while I consider my first thinning a success, it sure wasn't clean.  The knife wasn't anything special to begin with, just plain, but now it's full of scratches from spots where I dropped the angle a bit too much.  This isn't that big a deal if it's too hard to fix, it is just a tool afterall.   So I'm wondering what the best way to go about polishing then out would be.  I don't mind if I need to do the whole blade either.  The SR 5k leaves a nice finish, would it be feasible to polish it with that, or would progressively finer sand paper work better?


Thanks everybody!

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Try hubcap polish.  Seriously.



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BDL, I will give that a try.  I had never even thought about something like that.  I don't know if it will get rid of any of the larger scratches, but it should take care of the hazyness that's on the blade.

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