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Lamb Ribs

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I just purchased some local Lamb Ribs. Any ideas? 

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Do you mean a rack of lamb with tenderloin attached?  Or a slab of ribs like a baby back, or a St. Louis?

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Hi Mike, They are just ribs. My lamb supplier had a bunch all trimmed and vac packed. Good price so I took them for something different.

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Are they attached by meat in between?  If so I'd treat them like pork and braise them then either finish on the grill, or in a hot oven.  If they are individual trimmed bones then a stock is def in order.  I'm imagining a baked onion soup made from roasted lamb bone stock - oh yeah!  

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They look just like baby back ribs. I'm looking for something unique as that's what our customers have come to expect. By the way I already do a Canadian Onion Soup with Turkey stock, Rye, Maple Syrup and Smoked cheddar. Yum!!

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Grill them with some kind of Moroccan rub: cumin, smoked paprika, powdered ginger and fresh garlic, serve with raw onions slices sprinkled with sumac, pickled turnip, eggplant caviar and couscous with raisins and toasted almond slices. 

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My restaurant does rack of lamb with a mustard seed crumb. Grill the lamb to get some colour, then oven (210 degrees Celcius) for 4 minutes. Then apply the crumb, back in the oven for 4 minutes, come out pink, and tastes amazing.

The crumb is brioche, herbs, and mustard seeds.

We charge $46 for the dish, which is served with confit potatoes.

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