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Vegan Chef Connecting

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My name is Doug and I am an Executive Vegan Chef and cookbook Author from Toronto.  I am a consulting chef, currently editing my second cook book, launching my first co-branded product and working on developing my name into a brand.  I look forward to connecting and reading more about others and their business.  


Healthy Regards,



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Aloha Doug, Welcome to ChefTalk.

An Executive Vegan Chef, wow, I've never heard of that.  It sounds very interesting.  You seem to be very busy in your business, I hope that you will visit the general forums where us Home Cooks interact with the Pro's.  Putting food on the table for our families at home is a very rewarding job, I love it, and I have learned so much here at CT.

Should you have any questions once you've gone over the Tutorials, FAQ and Community Guidelines, please feel free to PM a Mod or Admin for help.


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