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Hello All

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This is CookeMonster.

I like to know about "Food truck Routs requirements" in Los Angeles and Orange County CA.

Let me know.

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Welcome to the forum. What specifically would you like to know? I'd start by contacting your local health dept. and licensing agencies. Every municipality is different. 


BTW... Roadfood forums are very good for aspiring food truckers. 

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Let say I got all reqired permits from governing agencies, how do I start, where do I go to sell my food?, is there any territorial place involved? 

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You're going to have to be creative. There really is no one solid formula to finding locations to park a truck at and sell food. You will need to find contacts who'll give you permission to park in these locations. Call around. Some cities may have an ordinance stating that you can park in public places, streets, public parks, etc, without any permission. You need to find that out yourself. Of course you'll need to be licensed to do that. Contact other truck operators in your area and see if they'll give you advice on how to start. Find "mobile food courts" and see how you can enter your truck. I found the mobile food courts are the best way to do business, despite the fact you have competition surrounding you. Another great option is be available for private functions. You will make the most profit off of these private events. 


You'll need to find a commissary that will take you, first of all, otherwise it will be illegal to do business. That is the major limiting factor where I'm at; finding a good commissary where you can thrive.  


Contact commissaries, contact health dept., contact other truck owners in your area, contact your business licensing dept., contact business owners and managers that you feel will be a good location, contact organizers of mobile food courts. Etc... Contacts and networking are huge in this business. That's the best advice I can give you to start out. 

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Tkank you Vic.

You have been a great help.

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