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Prepping baked potatos

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I want to do baked potatoes at our small restaurant. We have our oven in another side that was used for baking. So it is not easily accessible. So, I was going to first bake the potatoes in the over, then stuff them with cooked meat, sauce and cheese on top. This is my prep. We would refrigerate this and then, when I have an order I would put it in microwave to heat, then add sour cream etc. On top and serve. Y'all think this will work well?
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Have you ever eaten a leftover, microwave reheated baked potato? The taste and texture will be awful.

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I worked in a pub that did almost what you are talking about.


Bake as many potatoes as you think you will need for the day.  Leave them on the counter - don't refrigerate them because that's what makes the texture gummy and slimy.   When someone orders one then you nuke it for a minute or so and top it with hot filling.  I think if you heat the filling and potato seperately and then combine them you get the best results.  So, keep the potatoes on the counter, and the filling in a steam table or double boiler set up and you'll be fine.


It's a day by day process, better not to serve yesterdays baked potatoes to costumers.  Left over potatoes from yesterday can be used to make deep fried potato wedges, soups and stews, breakfast potatoes...

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Nasty comes to mind, possibly food safety issues. A baked potato is only good if the skin is crispy like they are fresh from the oven. The foil wrapped and baked are just steamed potato.

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Two hr shelf life here to get from hot to cold. No leaving out on the counter all day.
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Make as you go and expect some waste, but potatoes are cheap.

But leftover (even if same day) reheated potatoes taste like wallpaper

paste. Once those starches convert, it's over.

Tatse-taste-taste. If you don't like it, don't serve it.

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Well then how do you hold them for service?  Seems to me as long as they don't get cold then the starch does not convert and the do not get gluey.  You can't cover them because then they get humid.  At the pub mentioned we held them in a low oven, but the OP already said they do not have an oven in their kitchen.  


This picture is ham, cheese, and broccoli stuffed baked potatoes.  I prepped them with stuffing as I went along through service and topped them with a morney before they went out.  They are on top of a warm flat top, I probably held them like that for two hours, probably could have for four.  Is it country club presidential sweet menu? No. But it's not gluey or bad either.  

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COUP, I'm confuddled here.... 5 posts back you mentioned leaving them on the counter.

While in this one you're showing them in a hotel pan at holding temp. That's a big difference,

in terms of food safety/legality. I see no problem with baking them up and holding em

like that, or on a steam table or sterno chaffer etc, uncovered as you said. It's the


"Leave them on the counter"


that threw me.


Those look good by the way--broccoli/cheese--yumm.

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Yup... You are right Meez en Plaz.  I have no excuse.  I said that.  I guess I imagend that if Viva's kitchen dose not have an oven than it must not have a lot of things.  I still think you could hold them on the counter for... I don't know, hours.  Long enough to get through service at least?  What else could you do in a kitchen that (maybe) only has a microwave?  -Sterno chaffer is a good idea though.



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Agree with Chef Bubba. NO  NO  NO  this is hash  house style. A la Wendy's. This is neither a baked or baked stuffed potato, this is a steam reheated blob.

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Thank you all for your responses. You all rock! First let me clarify that I was not planning on making a ton of these. Maybe 5 to 10 just to see how people respond. So, I was not going to refrigerate for days. Just overnight. I did do a test and even though it was good, it's better when you bake same day and serve. I do have a warming table but it already has things in it that we use everyday. Best I can do is put the potatoes in a pan after baking and put the pan on the side of the grill that I put on low. Then cook the stuffing fresh and stuff it when I have an order. Does this make sense? Or I could bake them, stuff them, and keep in pan to keep warm for the lunch people. Thanks again.
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The thing about a baked potato is that it needs to be served fresh. Within an hour or so, the texture changes from fluffy to goop.

I will always send a potato back if it's not fresh, there is no reason not to have fresh potatoes through the service times, it's pretty easy.

If you are going to have this as a special, start with x number that you think you can sell in a 2 hr period, hot hold them. After that time, pitch them, 86 the special or continue to have a few fresh potatoes coming out of the oven oven for the remainder of the service.

Life's too short for bad baked potatoes!

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chefbuba is right for the baked potatoes ... but don't pitch them once their time is up~!


Let them cool a bit, then cut in half and scrape out the flesh leaving about 1/4" on the skins.   


Deep fry the hulls to firm / dehydrate them and then freeze them.   Take from freezer as needed and add a mixture of cheese, bacon and green onion to the hull and bake to make quick potato skins.  


Use the flesh in homemade gnocchi after passing thru a ricer and dehydrating a bit in the oven or use as a binder in anything that uses boiled or steamed potatoes as an ingredient. (make the glue work for you)



"Plus, this method makes you look like a complete lunatic. If you care about that sort of thing".  - Dave Arnold





"Plus, this method makes you look like a complete lunatic. If you care about that sort of thing".  - Dave Arnold


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And if you need a lot and want accurate  size consistancy . you can by the skins only from simplot. They are perfect size for appy  IQF and thay are cheap.

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