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Butternut aquash lasagna

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I have the bottom (round) half of a butter nut squash. Thinking about doing a squash lasagna with ricotta, spinish, and a tomato OR white sauce.

do these flavors go together? what sauce should i use? How long should i roast the squash (in thin slices?) before assembeling them into the lasagna so they will not be too soft after cooking the lasagna? Maybe I should just cut the squash in half , then just half cook it and cut it after...

If anyone else has any other ideas  with my butternut I would be happy to hear them.

Thanks internet world

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Here's what Im going to try...


-Cut the squash in half and cook for 15 minuits @ 350, seasoned with s&P


-Soak lasagna noodles in hot, NOT BOILING water for 10 minuits


B-rown butter and combine with ''= ''parts flour and gradualy whisk in milk to make a white sauce.

-Season with S&P, and a pinch of pumpkin spice.

-Add parm to white sauce and set aside.


-Mix together ricotta, chopped spinich, mozza, 1 egg  and S&P


-Cut squash into not too thin slices


-Spread some sauce on the bottom of a baking dish and arrange the bottom layer of pasta..

-Spread some cheese/spinich mixture  on pasta, top with some squash slices, top with some sauce and repeat.


-Top with mozza and parm and bake for 45 minuits @350


...Ill let you know how it turns out

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