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Home sick with the flu these past few days and going crazy.

Sleep, watch tv, and ache......that's what's happening here.


Watched a British film called "Toast." Supposedly a made for television biography about Nigel Slater the renowned food writer, and his early life.

He lost his mother at a young age and never allowed himself to get close to his step mother.  

He became interested in the culinary arts at a young age and vied for his father's love and affection through cooking.

His main adversary was his step mother.

Lemon meringue pie (his father's favorite) became an obsession and Nigel secretly discovered the recipe ingredients by watching his step mother. At one point he counted the egg shells in the garbage so he could get a better handle on the ingredients.

He ended up making the dessert by experimenting, and we got to see some of the results.


After his father passed away at the end of the film, young Nigel left his home and got a job at the famous Savoy.


I got a feeling of professional pride in the last scenes where Nigel is walking behind the Chef as he makes his way through the kitchen.

The Chef hands him a coat and and tells Nigel that he'll do just fine there. As Nigel puts his coat on, you could see the pride well within him as the credits started to scroll down the screen.


I wonder how many of you young aspiring cooks and culinarians understand the Chef's coat and what it means.

This was a defining moment for Nigel as it is for many people coming to age in the business.


I know...................that I am very proud to wear the uniform of my craft, and everyday I put it on gives me a great feeling.


I know.....I know....too much time on my hands......

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I'll have to see if I can rent that. Sounds like an interesting movie. I have never heard of Nigel. 

     I think you have a point when speaking of the pride of wearing a chefs coat. I know I feel the same way but that is largely a result of culinary school and having trained in the business before celebrity chefs and the cooking channel came along. It seems that now any one who wears the coat can think of themselves as a "chef" without understanding what actually goes into the career. That irritates me more than a little but doesn't take away from my pride in wearing one. 

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I read the book a few years ago and am looking forward to seeing the movie.
Thanks for posting !
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Nigel slater is one of my favourite chefs here in the UK.  He makes food that I like to eat.  His TV shows have consistently high ratings.


i read Toast when it was published and I also have three or four recipe books.  He's a wonderful, thoughtful writer.  In fact, that's how he made his living for many years!

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